League Rules

Welcome to the Milwaukee Summer Putt Putt League!

To keep the league fun and fair, please resort to the following rules throughout the season:

  1. League is on a honor system – Play fair, score truthfully, and don’t cheat!
  2. Play in groups 2 – 4 players if possible
  3. Let smaller and faster groups play through
  4. Out-of-bounds is 1 penalty stoke. Place the ball where it went out to the best of your ability and resume play (This counts for rollbacks from the tee area, if it rolls back and off of the green, that is out-of-bounds)
  5. Highest score for a hole is 6.
  6. Don’t stop a moving ball
  7. Everybody plays their first shot and play resumes from furthest back to closest to the hole. The player furthest back may ask another player to go if the player that is closer obstructs their shot this is up to each player’s discretion
  8. You can hit your opponent’s ball with your ball at no penalty to you, at each player’s discretion
  9. Players get one putter head length away from walls and obstacles
  10. Circle hole-in-ones on the scorecard
  11. Write legibly on the scorecard
  12. Hand in the scorecard or submit a picture of scorecard to Karl via text, email, facebook, etc.
  13. Scorecards not submitted by midnight on Sunday will result in the Average Score + 1
  14. Have fun!

If you have any additional questions, please let Karl know and we will get it updated on here.

For league calendar, select here.

For league player list, select here.