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Baehmann’s Golf Center


Review written by Mister Mini Golf

Ranking: Bogey

Cost: $5

Baehmann’s is a family owned Golf Center that has a driving range, 9 hole course, foot golf course and of course mini golf.

I will note that this course is more like a putt-putt course because nearly all holes have that fair chance at a hole-in-one. Some are impossible from what I can tell.

If anyone ever gets an ace on hole 7 or 13 I will give them $100.

Hole 1

A good way to start a round. If you can putt straight you too can do this. Some of us putt straighter than others though.

Hole 2

Honestly this hole is really the same as hole 1. Not much else to say about it.

Hole 3

The bad thing about the type of brick used on this course is the rough surface. Bank shots don’t work like they should. One would want to still hit the corner to have a chance at the ace.

Hole 4

Although it seems impossible, a hole-in-one should be doable with a well placed shot. I prefer placing my ball on the left side of the tee box and aim for the center to shoot back down the other side. I think ricochet is how to get it in the hole in one.

Hole 5

A well place shot is rewarded here. A classic hit-through-the-middle type obstacle. A bank shot about even with the front of the obstacle is a good alternate.

Hole 6

This hole can be frustrating. It is very difficult to get in the hole that leads down to the bottom. You either need to have a straight shot with a perfect touch or a good eye for bank shots. Once your frustration has ceased, you would have to have amazing luck to ace it. Personally, I don’t think it is possible but I feel pretty good if I can get it to go down the first one.

Hole 7

An interesting looking hole but I don’t think the angles work. I would be quite impressed if anyone could ace this one.

Hole 8

This hole rewards those with good aim and punishes those who don’t. Stick to the left for the cup.

Hole 9

If hole 6 can make you mad, this one is worse because if you get in the wrong hole, you end up in the rocky ball pit and have to start over.

Hole 10

Another hole that favors those with a straight shot. You can also power through the grass if your brute strength is better than your accuracy.

Hole 11

One of my favorites on this course: pipe play, just the right touch, and different levels.

Hole 12

The inverse of hole 10. I personally like to bank off the right side but I have gone through the grass and got mighty close to a 1.

Hole 13

A lot like hole 7 but a lot harder. No walls to keep you out of the hazard and again the angles don’t seem to work. Best to lay up and get across on 2. No shame in a 3 here for sure.

Hole 14

If you can sneak past the obstacle from the left you can sink the shot no problem.

Hole 15

This hole is about angles. Bank off the right and hope for the best to get through.

Hole 16

A loop-de-loop is a classic. To get around you need some strength but you can get past by sneaking by the left side.

Hole 17

Another open to the grass hole and a straight shot wins the hole.

Hole 18

The best hole of the course. A skill shot and a bit of water. Strength is just as important because a hard shot can bounce back off the brick into the drink. Also the covered bridge is iconic to Cedarburg so it pays homage to the community around it. Not to worry if your ball takes a dip though, there is a net to fish it out. It would be nice if it collected the ball or provided a chance for a free game.

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