Moorland Road Golf Center

5900 S Moorland Rd, New Berlin, WI 53151

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8AM – 10PM Daily

$7.50 a round

Course Par: 52

Rating: Par

The Moorland Road Golf Center is a happening place. There is rarely a time where one would see this place empty when they are open. The course is fairly maintained and they have promotions for holidays and the like. They also have $1 ice cream! Score!

The greens use a wide mat as the designated tee-off area. Each hole has a fiberglass pole which is a much needed ball stopper on some holes. Keep in mind that you should grab the holes by the flags because you can get fiberglass splinters from lifting by the pole itself.

The cups are a bit worn and some are badly chipped. This factor can seriously influence your round.

The putters here are rubber headed. Feel free to bring your own.

Hole 1

The first hole welcomes you in with a replica of a mineshaft. The hole is slightly to the left and a straight shot is possible but very tight. Best approach is to start at the right of the tee-off mat and avoid the rocks. The green near the cup is fast and a very precise shot is needed. This hole is very easy to average a 4 on.

Hole 2

The “Narrow Passage” describes this hole well. Being uphill, you need to use some force. A weak shot will have you end up in the bunker or back at start. Be careful with a shot that is too hard too because there is a hidden water pit at the rear of the hole. That can really dampen your spirits as there is usually some standing water and your score will be hurting.

Hole 3

This hole has some pipe play. A hole sits on the peak of the slope and supposedly goes towards the hole on the lower green. There is also a hole that leads to the lower green but farther away from the hole. Having made both shots, it is better off to just make it in the second hole. The risk/reward of the slope skill shot is not worth it as a perfect putt needs to be made and it is unlikely to ace it.

Hole 4

Not a crazy challenging hole but there is a break to the right and a slight change in elevation. Really this should be a par 2. A steady and light putt should get you close to the hole.

Hole 5

If you don’t like banking shots then this one is tough. The rocks are not uniform so it is hard to repeat shots. Try to go as far up the green and hit the right wall as you can. This can often be a 3 stroke hole.

Hole 6 

A whole barn is built around this hole. A couple is dancing to some music that plays. Seems like a lot of extra work in this hole. The hole starts in the barn and is a blind placement to the right. The water trough offers the bank shot but sometimes it stops the ball dead and sometimes shoots it off the green. Take the rocks instead and shoot lightly.

Hole 7 

Another blind shot. Don’t bank off the silo as you won’t get anywhere. Aim as far down the green as you can and bank off the rocks and hope for the best. Purely a luck based hole.

Hole 8

Again, another blind hole. Of the three this is the hardest because it is sloping slightly up. The bank shots have poor angles too. A fair score is a 4.

Hole 9

This hole is a classic type of hole seen at most Harris Golf courses. A log/pipe play with 2 options. One being typically better than the other. In this case, the left log has the better lie. I won’t say it is a guaranteed hole-in-one because in all reality it all depends on how the ball enters and exits the pipe. None-the-less, the ball will end up near the hole for a easy 2. The other pipe doesn’t leave for a bad lie either.

Hole 10

This hole is a long uphill hole. There is no clear shot at the pin so try to bank it off the rock border at the top. This one is usually a 3.

Hole 11

This hole is very interesting. It has a pipe in the close bunker which sends it to the lower green. I don’t see it happening really ever because it is pretty easy to get towards the hole. The most interesting thing about this hole is that there are 2 hole placements. I will give you a hint, see if you can move the big rock near the pin.

Hole 12

Hands down, the hardest hole on the course. Par 3 is a big, fat, lie. If you walk away with anything less than a 6, you are very lucky. Here’s why, the green seems pretty simple but where the color changes from dark to light, a slope is in play. Unless it goes right at the cup, you will end up in the water for a penalty. Then when you put it on the fringe, if you don’t nail the shot right in the cup, the ball will be back in the water. You will then be shooting for 5. I think the best approach is to try and stop at the edge of the dark green. Then shot 2 is easier. This is a great, challenging hole. If you can do better than a 6, leave a comment below!

Hole 13

Everything is downhill from here, literally. This hole just needs a light tap to get the ball near the pin. Personally, I try to play the rock bounce angle to get my shot lined up with the hole. I have been close but no ace yet.

Hole 14

Similar to hole 13 as it is another downhill slope but for this one, you can play an additional slope for more speed. I don’t think more speed is necessary as it all lies in the bounce off the rocks below. Hopefully, Lady Luck is on your side!

Hole 15

Choices, choices, choices. You can choose a path on this hole. The left path is a safe route that ends fairly close to the hole. The right path has an additional hole that may lead to an ace but is tough to nail. I have only seen it go in the right hole once and it seemed more like luck than anything else. It was a slow putt with a bounce off one of the rocks. I advise going left if you want to go for 2. Go right for the chance of the ace but you may end up with a 3 or 4 if you are not careful.

Hole 16

A par of 2 is rather optimistic for this one. It doesn’t take much to go over the edge on this one so a lighter touch than you think is the key. If you do go over, it may take a stroke or two to figure out how the “rough” green plays. This hole is rather aesthetically pleasing to look at too.

Hole 17

This hole can be slightly challenging although it looks fairly easy. For starters, there is a slight jump at the beginning which can throw off your aim. Also, the rock has dead spots that provide nearly any bankage which is necessary. The best bet is to aim slightly left of the center of the rock. You also need to hit rather hard as the ball loses momentum hitting the jump.

Hole 18

Not many mini golf courses often feature a par 4 on their courses. This hole seems just in that as it is quite easy to do a 4. The key to a 1 or 2 is to take the path on the right. It is a tough shot to make as the rocks make your ball go off in the other direction. If you land in the water, your ball can sometimes stop and that can be either a penalty or at least another stroke depending on how your group wants to play. After the water, it doesn’t leave a very good lie so it is a long and impressive putt for 2 or most likely 2 putts from there. You do walk under a rather neat water wheel too but can get wet if you are standing too far to the left. Speaking of the left, if you think you can avoid the water, and don’t want to go right, the left side has many gaps in the border and your ball will end up out-of-bounds. Yikes!

Last place buys the ice cream!

Please share a comment below of your experience at Moorland Road Golf Center.

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