Tee Aire Miniature Golf 

Ranking: Eagle (Our top course in the Milwaukee area)
$5 a round half-off for a second round

21700 W. Capitol Drive

Brookfield, WI 53072

Tee Aire is an immaculate course that is well design with a pleasant mix of easy and challenging shots. There is a variety of hole types and focuses on the play and not gimmicks. You won’t find a windmill here but you will still have one of your better rounds in the 414. They could use a practice Green and a chance for a free game but I can’t complain about much more than that. It is my favorite course in the Milwaukee area.

Hole 1

Two paths: the first one requires a lighter touch and it shoots towards the hole. The second path leaves you in a less satisfactory location for a long 2 or a follow-up 3.

Hole 2

Some pipe play and it’s only hole 2. Although straight ahead, it can be challenging to get into any pipe. Sometimes it bounces back if you hit to hard. If you hit too light and it rolls down the stairs. The holes line up with their respective pipes.

Hole 3

This holes curves slightly left. If you are light handed it will fall right in. It is also fun if you go up the curve and fall back.

Hole 4

If you hit up the pipe it is like a 99% guarantee that it will be a hole-in-one. Hitting up the pipe is a very precise shot though and a miss will hurt your score.

Hole 5

One might think the straight shot is the best for this hole but the Missus and I found a great bank shot in the middle dip to the right. Sends the ball right towards the hole.

Hole 6

If you can hit the pipes then you may fall into the hole but sometimes the pipes are tough to get through. I know bank off the left wall towards the hole.

Hole 7

Straight shot with a little bump. A hazard to the right but you shouldn’t have any problem.

Hole 8

A very scenic hole with a couple of hills. Pretty straight shot. Enjoy the waterfall and fountain.

Hole 9

This hole causes problems because it is hard to judge the curve. There is also a dividing bump near where it opens up towards the hole.

Hole 10

Hit the scuffed brick…that’s the lucky one! A slope to the left and the hole at the bottom.

Hole 11

Tough hole. The middle is the winner. The other two make you end up in some ditches this can be a tough 3 and a easy 4.

Hole 12

This hole favors a light touch because it drops off after the hole. There is a slight slope that goes down left to right. Keep it light.

Hole 13

Hit the white pipe to go up towards the hole. If you miss you might roll back or end up in the ditch behind the plateau after the pipe.

Hole 14

Hole is up to the right slightly up hill and a little bump. Pretty straight forward.

Hole 15

The pipe in the middle is pretty narrow so it is a tough shot. If you make it, you end up close to the hole. The other paths make it pretty tough to get a 2 or a 3.

Hole 16

Both paths are pretty good on this hole but the first one is the better chance for the 1. Similar theme to the first hole.

Hole 17

The pipe shot on this hole is pretty hard. Easy to bounce back off the rocks. Go to the left for a safer shot but go for the pipe if you feel lucky and your shot is true.

Hole 18

The hole up top to the right is a minus 1 from your score aka a HOLE-IN-ZERO!!! What!? Yeah pretty cool. Pretty tough to do but hit harder to the right than you think and you might be rewarded. Both holes collect the balls which is always nice. Course is worth the $2 replay anytime.

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