SwingTime Waukesha 

Review written by Mister Mini Golf

Ranking: Up-to-Par

Cost: $7

1601 E. Main St. Waukesha, Wi, 53186

9am – 10pm everyday

SwingTime Waukesha is a fun course to play with quite a bit of character. Many of the holes on this course rewards those with good aim and a steady hand, well. The theme is a nautical one with a couple of hidden critters if you know where to look.

There is enough variety on this course to make it fun and a fair mix of hard and dare I say, easy-ish holes that make it a good course for all ages.

Hole 1

A straight shot between two rocks. Simple enough but for some reason the angles of the rocks seem to throw people off of their shot quite often.

If you are confident with your straight shot, softly tap the ball through and sink it in the hole.

If your straight shot leaves your ball with a less desirable outcome, bank your ball off the wooden board to the right. With the right finesse, it should bank off the board, back brick wall and either sink into the hole or a small tap for an easy 2.

Hole 2

Hole 1 was really preparing you for the smaller gap that is hole 2. If you can’t nail the gap, it is very tough to ace this hole but can be done by banking the ball off the left board and using the slope to bring the ball to the hole.

Hole 3

Hole 3 is all about the straight shot. Stay to the right and go straight across the narrow ledge into the hole. For those that are more wreckless, may just end up with a six getting out of the pit.

Hole 4

Anchors aweigh! A straight shot with a light touch is a easy ace on this hole. Although the hole is blind for your shot unless you are really really short or fairly tall. The secret is to use the anchor to your advantage. The shank of the anchor lines up with the hole 😎

Hole 5

Hole 5 is deceptive. Although the posts are spaced apart fairly apart, they really give about a foot to navigate. I know that the second right post has plenty of dents from me. I prefer banking off the right wooden wall.

Hole 6

The hole is behind the boulder…”it’s not a boulder, it’s a rock!” If you look close enough you will see the path to success is under the rock.

Hole 7

This hole is a lot of fun. You have to barely just make it over the first bump otherwise you will over shoot the hole and go over the second bump. A light touch or you will have a 3 at least.

Hole 8

One could hit to the left and go down the slope or bank off the right to shoot down the slope. Watch out for cleat or you will be tied up with a 3.

Hole 9

This hole lets you whack the ball really hard! It’s fun to see if it will drop back into the hole on the rebound. Be careful not to go left or right to much or your ball might go missing.

Hole 10

A straight shot between the posts. My ball has an attraction to the right post. I hit it every time. 

Hole 11

A straight shot that narrows down before the hole not too challenging. The group in front of us somehow lost a ball. Still scratching my head about that one.

Hole 12

This hole used to be frustrating for me as I tried to hit through the path of tiles. After bouncing around a few times it is easy to get a 4 or above. Now, I just hit around to the left and it works out pretty well.

Hole 13

Like a miniature version of hole 4. How fitting on a miniature golf course. Ha! Anyway, aim for the hook of the anchor and your ball will list right and with some luck into the hole.

Hole 14

Similar to hole 9 but on a smaller scale. I prefer to just make it over the bump to go towards the hole. Otherwise line up with the left so the ball bounces back straight.

Hole 15 

You have to bank off the triangle under the rock to go towards the hole. If you miss that you might have 2 more stokes on this hole.

Hole 16

This hole is better for those with a light touch. Follow the slope towards the hole. Hitting the back wall deadens the shot so it kills the shot. Also it is possible to get stuck in the back. I would know.

Hole 17

A couple of bumps make it slightly harder than your usual straight shot. You can bank off the back wall to if needed.

Hole 18

A good chance for a hole-in-one here. If you can make it in the hole on the platform it is very likely to be a 1 on your scorecard. If you don’t make it in the pipe shot then it is likely to be a 3.

Bonus hole!

Yay! I love when courses have chances for free games! This hole slants to the left. Apparently you just have to find the touch several people have done it. The only negative is there isn’t a bell or light to indicate it happened.

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