SwingTime (Germantown)

Swing Time Germantown

W197N10340 Appleton Avenue

Germantown, WI 53022

Course par: 46

Ranking: Birdie

My score of 28 is the course record. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Missus Mini Golf and I have played this course over a handful of times and this course can play well for nearly everyone. A lot of the holes have skill shots and has a nautical type environment. As you will see by the names of the holes, that no true theme is really followed. That being said, this course incorporates two features that many other courses don’t that make it a pleasant course to play again and again. The first feature is that all of the holes feature a custom, hand-painted sign that has the name of the hole, par, and image. This feels homey and personal plus it helps with overall navigation because the scorecard lists the names as well. The second feature is that each hole has a flag in the cup. Not only does the flag create a blocker for a fast approaching ball, it helps with taking the ball out of the hole. How convenient! Now onto the specific holes.

Hole 1: Here Fishy Fishy (Par 3)

The first hole can be tough if you don’t hit a straight shot as the ball can easily bounce back at you. I recommend the left tee placement and a steady stroke. I have nearly hit the pin every time I tee off.

Left tee placement is key!

Hole 2: Rolling Tide (Par 2)This type of hole is a standard at many courses. A slight slope to cause the player to have to alter their approach a bit. The post is quite helpful for lining up but of course the power comes into effect too.

Aim for the post to line up with the hole

Hole 3: Timber Falls (Par 3)I always seem to have trouble with the straight shot as I always hit the third post. My new approach is to bank off the wall to the left. It is rough brick so it can be unpredictable but it does usually make for an easy two putt. If you are confident with your straight shot, go the middle route for the ace!

Hole 3 sign


I usually go to the left…Missus nails the straight shot often

Hole 4: Lillypad Lagoon (Par 3)This hole is a lot of fun! It does takes some finesse to get it up the incline and into the first hole (the better option). At least if you make it up the incline it is likely to make it onto the lower green. Do be wary that it can come back down and that can really hurt your score. The lower green plays fairly well and typically this hole is easy to birdie.

Hole 4 sign
The “hole” layout
Your options!
View from the bottom green

Hole 5: Bobbin Bouys (Par 2)Another seemingly straight shot but the hole is actually slightly to the right. I typically bank off of the right wall just past the 2nd post in the picture. Sometimes the ball goes right towards the hole and other times I need to bank off the back wall too.

Where is hole 5’s sign? ๐Ÿ™
There it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Hole 6: Pinecone Port (Par 3)This hole is very tough to nail the hole on the slope. Hit too hard and you will probably get a 3 or worse as your next few shots are not easy. The slope hole is larger than your normal hole but don’t let that fool you as it is hard to get the right angle and power. If you are lucky enough to get the slope hole, you are likely to get a 1 or a 2.

Hole 6 sign
View from the tee
The hole on top is not your average hole
The view if you overshoot or miss the slope hole
Make the slope hole? You probably can chalk up a 1!

Hole 7: Duck Crossing (Par 2)This hole is in sad shape as of the 2017 season. The bridge was falling apart and has a bad slope to the left. Aim right and hit pretty hard. This time, the flag was not sitting in the hole right which had to be fixed before we could play.

Normally would be a rather easy hole but the disrepair changed that ๐Ÿ™

Hole 8: Loon Landing (Par 2)This hole is one of my favorites at this course. It is a lot of fun to overshoot and see if it comes back into the hole, Happy Gilmore style.

Hole 8 sign
Seems to come back to the right for us

Hole 9: Tire Swing Alley (Par 3)This is probably the most difficult hole on the course. It has a very narrow opening to get onto the upper green. Even if you manage to hit that opening, the changes in slopes is tough. If you hit hard enough to go up to the upper green, you may bounce back and go back down.

Almost halfway there!
The angle is rather tricky plus some crazy slopes
The hole sign and the hole itself

Hole 10: Sassy Chipmunk (Par 3)Missus Mini Golf sometimes calls me a sassy chipmunk when we play this hole…usually when I beat her on the front 9. Anyway this hole isn’t as tough to get a hole-in-one as it seems. Hit the bricks on the right and go towards the hole that brings you down. It often ends up in the cup.

Needs a paint job
Bank off the bricks to the right
Hole 10 sign
View from the top
View from below

Hole 11: Bunny Trail (Par 3)The Bunny Trail is a long hole but not the longest we have ever played. You do have to hit it pretty hard. Not too much in regards to skill on this one but it sure feels pretty good if you are lucky to get it in on one!

Hole 11 sign
Yes, there is a hole on the other end
Hole 11 sign

Hole 12: Backroad Hike (Par 3)I always have problems with this hole, mainly I never line it up right. Trying to nail it over the bumps doesn’t really work either with the angles of the slopes. This hole also needs some TLC as it is ripping up in places.

Pretty sure this is a 12
Straight and true
Hole 12 sign

Hole 13: Lookout Pointe (Par 2)This is a fun tiered hole. The middle hole on top is the best of the 3. It can be challenging because they all have downward sloping towards each hole. It is best to first on this hole because other people may knock you in if your ball didn’t have enough power.

13 it is
View from the tee
Hole sign and your 3 options
View from over the top
View from below

Hole 14: Eagle’s Nest (Par 2)This hole can be somewhat difficult if you don’t get enough speed. If you bank off the back wall up top you might get stuck in a somewhat flat area before the drop. It makes a 2 rather tough. Aim for the wood posts on the slope for your best chance.

Hole 14 scorecard holder
View from the tee
Need enough speed to get over both humps
Hole 14 sign

Hole 15: Roadhouse BBQ (Par 2)A staple hole at many mini golf courses. Aim for the brick just left of the center. I have had good luck with that shot. These holes are great for practicing angle shots.

Hole 15 sign
View from the tee
Kind of forces you to use the slope with that angle

Hole 16: Doggy Paddle (Par 3)Holes like this one are hard to line up. Most of the time it is luck if it goes in. You do need a considerable amount of power in your stroke to make it up the incline.

Sign and number together
Down…up…then down again in the cup!

Hole 17: Sandhill Slide (Par 3)All this hole needs you to do is just give the ball a slight tap. If you are lucky it will either go in right away or will go up the slope and back towards the hole.

17 scorecard holder
View from the tee
Hole 17 sign

Hole 18: Skipping Stones (Par 2)Stay to the right and you won’t have any problems on this hole. To the left there is some indented areas that are quite a mess to get out off.

Hole 18 scorecard holder

View from the tee…remember stay right!

Bonus hole – Free Game!This bonus hole is one of the hardest around. The ramp needs some work so it makes it almost impossible. I have seen it done one time and it was amazing! My only advice is swing hard and aim for the ramp!

Rules, rules, rules
Many try…few succeed 

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