River Falls Family Fun Center

River Falls Family Fun Center

Rating: Bogey (2.5)

5401 W Layton Ave Greenfield,

WI 53220

# 414–281–2815

The River Falls Family Fun Center is a course with a little character and some changes in elevation. The course has seen better days and is in need of some TLC. The hole designs are unique from one another and isn’t boring. The ball return inside was a for a chance to win a free popcorn.

This course is also handicap accessible for 9 holes.

They had a practice green which is always a nice way to see how the greens are playing.

Hole 1 Par 2

Hole 2 Par 3



Hole 3 Par 2

Hole 4 Par 3

Hole 5 Par 3

Hole 6 Par 3

Hole 7 Par 2

Hole 8 Par 3

Hole 9 Par 2

Hole 10 Par 3

Hole 11 Par 2

Hole 12 Par 3

Hole 13 Par 3

Hole 14 Par 2

Hole 15 Par 2

Hole 16 Par 3

Hole 17 Par 2

Hole 18 Par 3

Course Recommendations:

River Falls has potential to be a fairly decent course. Their main issue is course maintenance. Many of the greens are very worn. Secondly some of the cups are broken so it can effect game play. This course would also benefit from some promotions and to change the ball return game inside for a chance at a free game. The hole signs need to also be repainted as they are very worn.

Update: 11-2-17

A big thank you to Sean MacAvaney for the historical insight that the ball return was used for a free game in the past. 

They should switch back to the free game approach because it is a good incentive for people to come back. I’m not coming back for a popcorn…

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