Mini Golf Reviews presents: A hole every other day

Hello my dear readers, 

I will be trying something a little different. 

Instead of posting a whole course in one go, I will provide a review of a single hole every other day. Once I get all of the holes for a course, I will combine them in one post.
I think this approach will let me be more thorough, consistent, and provide you with content more often.

Let me know what you think!

Hole 1: KOA Campground

Union, Illinois

Although worn and beaten, this hole had its charm. This type of hole is that of the past. A concrete slab and concrete walls. The hole was made to last a long time. The two bumps leading to the hole cause issue for the player as a straight shot will not necessarily lie true. On this type of hole it is usually best to start on the far edge and hit at a slight angle towards the hole, bank off the back wall and bounce back into the hole. It can be hard to judge the right power on a straight shot as the bumps can mess with the players perception. Bouncing off the back wall will reduce excess momentum.

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