Mini Golf Reviews Presents Fondy Sports Park Hole 8

Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin

Hole 8: Whoop-D-Doo (Par 2)

This type of hole is one of my favorites because it can be played in many ways. It also looks really cool if you can ace it because many have difficulty with this type. The three bumps cause the challenge here because you need to decide if you want a smooth stroke that plays each bump and rolls gently into the cup or you want to power through and skip one or two bumps altogether. The first option is preferred but sometimes course condition impacts that option. Another consideration is understanding your putt and how the ball rolls for you. You may need to compensate for each hill and its unique slope. After a bit of practice you should be able to play both styles.

In case you missed it, check out the prior hole below:

Hole 7: Rocky Point (Par 2)

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