Frostbite Open (Frozen Mini Golf Tournament) $$$ CASH PRIZE $$$

Missus Mini Golf and myself are playing in the Frostbite Open in Ephraim/Sister Bay, Wisconsin to kick off the new year, on New Years Day!

Yes, the tournament is played in the snow!

Unfortunately, the owners of Red Putter Mini Golf announced this will be the last Frostbite Open.

The tournament costs $25 for 2 rounds, which isn’t a bad price for an open tournament (no qualifying necessary)

The prizes are as follows:

1st place = $700

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Single best game = $100

Also all who complete the tournament get a “I survived the Frostbite Open!” bumper sticker. Should be a cool time 😉

Check out the event on Facebook here.

Another article has been posted here.

4 thoughts on “Frostbite Open (Frozen Mini Golf Tournament) $$$ CASH PRIZE $$$

  1. I don’t think I could do it! I don’t like being cold at all. Where I live, we get just enough cold weather to be annoying, but it’s not too bad. It does sound fun though!

      1. Oh I’m all about winning some money! That $700 pot looks nice. Good luck!

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