Fondy Sports Park Scorecard

The scorecard at Fondy Sports Park is pretty good as scorecards go. A custom image of their course adorns the front and rules/advertising is covered on the back.

Some rules are a bit strange and make me wonder about how they came to be, such as the “Charge for lost or broken putter $15” rule.

The inside of the card is quite nice as the Hole number is listed, then unique hole names (always fun), the par (so many courses forget this), and spaces for 5 players. 5? Yes, 5. This is unusual, as most courses allow for only up to 4 per group.

Overall this scorecard is above average as scorecards go. Out of a 10 point scale this one would score a 8.5.

For more Fondy Sports Park, check out the course and other details on this page here.

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