Mini Golf Reviews Presents Fondy Sports Park Hole 18

Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin

Hole 18: Lucky Lucky (Par 2)

The final hole at Fondy Sports Park. Somewhat of a Plinko layout, down the center, is a free game! Left side is a 3, followed by a 2, free game (1), 2, and then a 4. The layout doesn’t really make sense as you honestly would never try anything other than for the free game.

After my shot, we determined it sloped slightly to the right so Missus Mini Golf adjusted her angle and scored the free game! A light and siren went off too! We were saddened to find out that it would expire in 2 weeks after she won it and we wouldn’t be back that way for a while. Therefore it wasn’t very special to win the free game. I recommend that they and other courses don’t put an expiration date on their free game passes because it can deter repeat business because usually no one plays alone so a free round usually brings in more people.

In case you missed it, check out the prior hole below:

Hole 17: Up-N-In (Par 3)

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