Fondy Sports Park Course Rating

The following categories are used in the overall course rating. Each category is on a scale of 0 – 10 with 10 being the best. The average of these scores creates the total score for the course.


7.5 (Unique “greens” colors, and interesting obstacles help this score well in this category)

Course Play:

5.8 (The course had a good mix of hard and easy holes, however some hole’s pars didn’t seem to make sense. With some features not working or missing docks a few points here)


4.5 (Many “greens” were dirty and some were missing key components that affected the game)


7.5 (The variety of the holes and the different color “greens” were unique)

Customer Service:

3.5 (The person working the desk seemed like we were an annoyance to him by providing business to the company and the service charge was unnecessary to pass onto the customers)

Wow Factor:

7.25 (Free game opportunity and the different color “greens” were a pleasant surprise of this course)

Total Rating:


The course page for Fondy Sports Park can be found here.


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