Fondy Sports Park Recommendations

Fondy Sports Park was a fairly decent course but the following recommendations would make it a better experience:

  • Don’t pass the service charge onto your customers for using a credit card. Not only is it unexpected by the customer, it makes you look cheap. If you want to offer the convenience of using cards, don’t put that expense on your customers.
  • Regular “Green” cleaning. Maintained greens are one of the most crucial aspects of owning a mini golf course. Nice greens show that as a owner, you care about your customer’s experience.
  • Replace missing course components. This one is geared towards the FDL Lighthouse hole and that the lighthouse was missing. In addition, many water hazards had no water. Either be open or closed, don’t be in a in-between state.
  • No expiration dates on a free game. Either always honor the skill/luck of your customers or don’t bother having a free game. Having it expire two weeks after a customer wins one isn’t going to result in repeat business, especially if they are from out of town.

If Fondy Sports Park implemented these recommendations, their customers would have a better experience and they would get more business.

The course page for Fondy Sports Park can be found here.

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