Next course is…

The next course that I will be posting about is the Lexington Ice Center & Sports Complex in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Lexington Ice Center had a very unique theme for its 3, yes 3, courses and that theme was biblical! It takes the player through a artistic viewpoint of how components in the Bible are made into mini golf greens. If that didn’t pull you in for being intriguing, I don’t think much else can.

The breakdown of this series of courses is as follows:

  • The first course was the Old Testament
  • The second course was the New Testament
  • The third course was on Miracles

Even if you are not religious, you can enjoy the course for its unique hole construction, great price, beautiful art, and the fun that comes from mini golf.

The page for this course is found here.

The first hole will be posted tomorrow!


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