The 2018 Frostbite Open

On the first of the year, Missus Mini Golf and I journeyed up into Door County, Wisconsin, specifically to the small town Ephraim, where we were 2 of 75 participants that braved the bitter cold to attend The Red Putter’s 2018 Frostbite Open Mini Golf Tournament.

Yes, we played two rounds of Mini Golf in snow and ice on one of the coldest New Years Day in recorded history. We were all playing for a cash prize of $700 for the tournament champion, $200 for 2nd place, and $100 for 3rd place. Additionally, there was a prize of $100 for best overall game.

Missus and I didn’t win any cash prizes but we did both receive a bumper sticker for completing both rounds of the tournament:

Missus beat me by 4 strokes and I pretty much played two of my worst rounds ever. I think the cold was getting to me!

This was the 8th and last Frostbite Open at the Red Putter. Owner and Door County legend, Bob Yttri, unfortunately passed away in April of 2017 and his daughter Tracy Yttri Opper and her husband Chris Opper announced this would be the last Frostbite Open.

Chris ensured everyone that while this was the last Frostbite Open, the Red Putter was in no danger of closing. Also that they look forward to having the players back in the summer when they open for the season.

When asked for a quote, Tracy showed me a list of all the temperatures from all eight Frostbite Opens and this one was definitely the coldest.

She and Chris then said “Brrr!” And brrr it was!

Many players played through the cold with 61 of the 75 completing both rounds.

The winners were:

1st: Cal Lautenbach

2nd: John Sawyer

3rd: Tyler Stenger

Best Overall Round: Ryan McCormick

We made many new friends and found a great community of players. I highly recommend that if you visit Door County, you visit the Red Putter.

Below are some pictures from the Frostbite Open (Don’t worry, we will be back for a full review this summer)

Check out some more great photos on the Red Putter Page.

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  1. At least you had fun! It seems like it probably would have been fun if you’re into freezing! ;)…brrr… I’m cold just thinking about it.

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