Lexington Ice Center Course 1: Hole 16

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #1: Old Testament

Hole 16: David’s Slingshot

This hole was a lot of fun. The skill shot of bouncing of the rock, down the handle of the slingshot, and near the hole, was a great risk/reward shot. I made the shot on one and was hoping for the ace! However, due to a seam, my ball stopped short about 2 feet from the hole. Course condition does effect gameplay, with proof right here. Nevertheless, I loved the design of this hole!

Hole 16 Reading:

“God’s mighty servant David was chosen to fight the Philistine giant – Goliath. With 5 smooth stones and a slingshot, he prepared for battle. He told the giant his weapon was greater – the Lord God Almighty. With just one stone he shot the giant in the head and he came tumbling down.”

1 Samuel 17: 1-49

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