Lexington Ice Center Course 2: Hole 1

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #2: New Testament

Hole 1: Star of Bethlehem

Initially we thought it was just the small strip of blue but then we saw the star so far away with the same color “green” and knew it was connected. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have much chance for a hole-in-one since the angle of the tube at the bottom and the slow speed of the ball coming out.

Hole 1 Reading:

“The star in the east is where it all began! Upon hearing the good news of Jesus’ birth, the Wise Men bearing gifts for the King, followed a star, that led them to His birthplace – a lowly manger.”

Matthew 2:12

In case you missed it, the previous hole can be seen here: Lexington Ice Center Course 1: Hole 18

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