Lexington Ice Center Course 2: Hole 14

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #2: New Testament

Hole 14: Nothing is Impossible (All Things is Possible)

Yet another hole with out of place signage. This hole is not terribly difficult but nor is it a freebie. With constant ups and downs this type of hole can be difficult to get a read. A shot straight and true is likely to miss due to some slight curves. The large bump near can definitely cause your ball to go out-of-bounds to the right. The safe route is to go left and bank of the back wall. You might get a lucky bounce but if not, a two should be no problem.

Hole 14 Reading:

“Jesus is able to save all men. The disciples were astonished at the fact that man’s earthly gain will not save us – but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19: 23-26

In case you missed it, the previous hole can be seen here: Lexington Ice Center Course 2: Hole 13

The Lexington Ice Center Page is located here: Lexington Ice Center Courses Page

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