Lexington Ice Center Course 2: Hole 17

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #2: New Testament

Hole 17: Hope

This hole is shaped like the letter H (I’m sensing a trend here). The cup was located in the middle of the H crossbar. This hole was all about shot control because too hard of shots could easily mess up your score on this one. From the tee, if you missed your shot at the crossbar you might end up in the upper part of the H which is really like doing the tee shot again but flipped. On the other hand, if you made it into the crossbar but with a little too much power, there was a slight bump and you would end up in the next section of the H. There are really 3 ways you could approach this hole. A bank shot from the left to the crossbar, diagonally to the crossbar from the left, or laying up to align with the crossbar. Those are your best approaches to this hole.

Hole 17 Reading:

“Another gift we can attain through the Holy Spirit is hope. With Christ living in us, we can also have the hope of glory.”

1 Corinthians 13:13 & Colossians 1:27

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