Lexington Ice Center Course 3: Hole 7

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #3: Miracles

Hole 7: An Axhead Floats

While on our visit, this hole was not functional. Although it leaves a poor impression on the course, the idea for this hole was quite clever and fun in theory. Water play holes are fun and add an element of randomness to the hole since the water can influence speed, direction, and ball spin. The water path on this hole would be the best option as it aligned with the hole. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to hit out-of-bounds even with normal conditions so don’t hit too hard if going towards the water path. The narrow strip of green makes no sense for two reasons:

  1. It is extremely difficult to hit that angle to go onto the strip from the tee
  2. It doesn’t even line up with the hole as well as the water route did so why bother

The concept of this hole was fun but some design aspects were poor and the fact that it wasn’t working was disappointing. If it was working, this hole would have been a whole heap of fun and gives people a random chance at a hole-in-one.

Hole 7 Reading:

“Under the mighty hand of God, the prophet Elisha rescues an axhead from sinking in the Jordan River. By cutting a stick and throwing it in the same location, the axhead floated.”

2 Kings 6: 1-6

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