Lexington Ice Center Course 3: Hole 8

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #3: Miracles

Hole 8: The Descending Dove

On this hole we really experienced an elevation change. Starting at the top of the slope, you hit the ball down and bank off a wood plank into a small room with the hole in it. Not much for skill on this one but more luck really. You just need a good bounce off the wood and the right speed. Also, do note that the ball could go out-of-bounds to the left at the bottom of the slope if you are not careful. This hole also had a beautiful painting of the Jordan River.

Hole 8 Reading:

“After Jesus was baptized by John, in the Jordan River, the heavens were opened and the spirit of God appeared, descending like a dove saying ‘This is my son whom I love, with him I am well pleased.”

Matthew 3: 13-17 NIV

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