Lexington Ice Center Course 3: Hole 14

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #3: Miracles

Hole 14: Samson’s Columns

A colorful and very challenging hole. Probably not as difficult as the Mt. Sinai hole, but this one still had some challenging characteristics. The two levels of bumps made it difficult to judge the power needed on a shot. A poorly judged shot whether too hard or too soft would make you pay as you would either overshoot the hill and go all the way down or undershoot and go partially up the hill and gravity would be the enemy. Aim to layup on the first mound and then carefully go for the second mound. A three is an admirable score on a hole like this.

Hole 14 Reading:

“Upon seizure of Samson by the Philistines, Samson was called upon the people to show his miraculous strength. A blinded Samson asked to be leaned against the pillars. As Samson prayed for a victory, he pushed with all his might, and the temple came towering down on all of those who were in it.”

Judges 16: 26-30

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