Lexington Ice Center Course 3: Hole 17

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #3: Miracles

Hole 17: Jesus and the Woman at the Well

A wooden well structure blocks the view of the hole but has a path through it. Unfortunately the well opening doesn’t line up with the hole so even if you make it into the tiny opening, the chances of the ball going in are slim. We found the going around to the left has a better chance, but note there is a slope at the edge of the well that can make it tough to get to the hole.

Hole 17 Reading:

“Jesus stopped by Samaria as He was traveling to Galilee. He met a Samaritan woman as He stopped for a drink at the well. He explained to her that everyone who partakes of the living water shall never thirst again. Jesus’ water is a spring of eternal life that is able to cleanse the Samaritan woman as well as you and me from our sins.”

John 4: 4-14

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