Mulligan’s Hole 7

Racine, Wisconsin

Hole 7: Par 3

There is a lot going on with this hole and a choice of playing to whatever your strength is. There are really four choices to be made and are as follows based on best outcome:

1. Sink it in the first cup. Chances are pretty good on a Hole-in-one with that shot. As it should, since it is very tough to get the right strength to not over shoot it. Behind the cup coming down the slope from either approach is more rough and it can slow down an overshot ball but also deters a bank shot so keep it in mind!

2. Sink it in the second cup. Chances are also pretty good here for a Hole-in-one if you can drain it, the only problem is the large patch of rough and the bottom where it comes out. It can slow the ball down significantly but on the other hand, it can change the ball’s course of direction and might be towards the hole

3. Aim for the small gap after the second hole. A tough shot with not much reward. Potentially can occur from overshooting the first cup. The ball may end near the actual hole if you are lucky but you have two patches of rough working against you and more randomness of angles that lessen the control of your outcome.

4. Bank of the edges to go down the left slope. This is probably the most difficult shot to line up since many angles do not work in its favor from the tee. A bank shot hard to the right from tee may work as well as banking off the edges by the gap. It is tough to judge as the brick does have some unpredictability to it that can change your desired outcome.

This one definitely makes one of my favorite holes, that’s for sure!

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