Mini Golf Season is almost here! You need this most useful accessory!

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With the approach of spring, it is an exciting time as courses begin to open!

Thus, I wanted to start promoting one of the most useful accessories I take on the course, a ball pickup.

Make sure to make the most of your Mini Golf experience this year and get a ball pickup! It is a useful tool to not only pick up the ball without bending over and sticking your hand in the cup, but to hold it when you walk between holes. This added convenience makes it so you can mark the score card, take pictures with friends and family, and not have to hold the ball in your pocket (gross!). Best of all it is great for all ages!

Don’t have your own putter? Just take it with you and attach it to the course putter. You just push it on the hand grip and you’re done. Simple, yet amazingly effective!

It’s great for hitting the links on a regular golf course too!

Why not order one for you and some for the whole family?

Just select the affiliate link (image) below and place an order:

A Putter Must-Have Accessory

PrideSports Golf Ball Pick-Up

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