Mulligan’s Hole 13

Racine, Wisconsin

Hole 13: Par 3

Quite the extensive hole here, thus a par 3 seems adequate. There is a lot going on for this hole with many different paths to choose. The first path is a slightly curved shot that is a bridge over the water. This is the ideal path as the ball can pick up speed to make it to the hole. It is a rather tough shot with a very slim area to hit. If you go that route, ending up in the water is not necessarily a bad thing since it takes it to a log that sends the ball out (not very far, mind you) or you can just go for the log itself.

The water play is fun but won’t help with going for an ace. Near the hole is a patch of rough that can make a bounce back difficult. A hole-in-one would be very rare on this one.

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