Mulligan’s Hole 14

Racine, Wisconsin

Hole 14: Par 2

This hole is a really hard par 2. Both sides have a significant chance of your ball going into the water and it has various changes in elevation that make the shots even harder. I see three shots on this hole.

The first is rather obvious but difficult to hit well, is going through the wood posts. Since the angle is slightly off you either need to bank off the back wall or graze the left post on the inside. Do be careful not to over power your shot because the hole is on top of a mound that has very little wiggle room.

The second shot is a bit more risky but a hole-in-one seems more probable and that is to go right of the posts and lightly tap the rock to bounce left. Basically the second fence post in the picture is a good marker of where to hit. The negative is that the ball has a higher probability to go into the water.

The third shot is to bank off the left bricks, to bank right, avoid the posts and into the cup. This provides and alternative approach to the hole but if you don’t trust your bank shot, go with shot 1 or 2.

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