Mulligan’s Hole 16

Racine, Wisconsin

Hole 16: Par 2

A long par 2 for this hole. The cup is located on the left near the circular planter. It is a tough angle but there are a few ways to play this one.

Probably the best option is to hit straight on the right side path and use the slope to roll towards the hole. It is definitely easier said than done. For majority of the hole, the right side is rock, which means an opportunity for the ball to go out-of-bounds, not only that, but at the top of the slope, it is entirely open on the edge where the bridge is so is very easy to go out-of-bounds there as well. There also isn’t much green to the slope so a bounce back is very possible, leaving you in a tough lie.

The other fair option on this hole is to aim slightly left of the center of the circular planter, hit a brick and bank up. The risk here is a complete bounce back to the tee and then out-of-bounds. Careful aim is crucial on this approach.

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