Mulligan’s Hole 18

Racine, Wisconsin

Hole 18: Par 2

Somewhat of a long hole to end the course. Although the path looks straight to the hole it does curve slightly right and you can just barely glimpse a rough patch. This is not where you want to be. Essentially if you go this route, aim left of the second rock and play the curve. If you want to play the curve from the start, bank of the top of the hill wall to just pass the second stone. With a little luck, you will end with a 1.

Do note that there isn’t an automatic ball return so you need to walk it back to the clubhouse. We are not sure if it always happens but they gave us some popcorn for our Hole-in-ones and apparently I was one stroke off from tying the all-time course record! I think I can do it this year as we will be back, it’s a great course. Challenging yet fun!

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