Hillbilly Mini Golf Course 1: Hole 1

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Course 1- Hole 1: Par 3

After a journey up the side of the mountain in a small railcar, one must make a decision whether to go left or right as there were to courses to play here at Hillbilly Mini Golf. We only had time for one game on this trip so we went left to the course that was modeled after the original course (The Business was damaged from fires amongst the smokies in 2016). Here we stood at the first hole that had a moonshine still and a few barrels of moonshine, drank long ago. An uphill battle starts you off as you hit under a barrel to two hole options.

1. The first hole is under the knocked over barrel. This causes the ball to hit the barrel below and comes out of the pipe facing sideways.

2. The second hole is under the still and has a little bit of a concave to your favor. This one shoots out of the straight pipe towards the hole.

Either option can work as Missus and I watched a few groups in front of us play, although the hole under the still is preferred. The main factor is spin and speed of the ball going in and coming out that will determine the fate of the ball here. The real important thing is to get it down from the top in 1!

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