New Monthly Segment: Money Making Tips to Play More Mini Golf

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and there is so much green everywhere. Whether it be the outfits, beer, Chicago River, and I must not forget to mention, Mini Golf holes! The green seems to be overflowing in all places on this day it seems, except your wallet.

The green has me inspired to share an idea that I have been toying with for a while and I thought a monthly segment on how to have some extra money would be beneficial to all of you because who doesn’t want or need some more of that green? 💵

“They say money can’t buy happiness but it buys more Mini Golf and that’s pretty darn close!” – Mister Mini Golf

What I intend to do each month is to share one of the various tools or methods I use to earn a little extra cash or ways to make saving easier that have been working for me.

Every option I share in this segment series will be one that I personally use. I will share referrals for any that allow me too because of two things:

1. You will get a bonus (Extra 💰💰💰 for you to do as you please)

2. I will get a bonus (Extra 💰💰💰 for me to play more Mini Golf)

As always, thank you for your support of Mini Golf Reviews. 😁

Stay tuned for the first segment!

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