Money Making Segment March 2018: Ibotta

To kickoff my Money Making Monthly Segment to Play More Mini Golf, I thought I would start out with a product that is probably the largest and most well known tool to make some extra money: Ibotta.

Ibotta is rebates made easy on your daily shopping.

You just go through a list of items and select what interests you. If you have something particular in mind, you can always search for the item itself.

Sometimes there are ads for the particular product. It’s a great way to try out new products and save on top of coupons and store sales.

It’s extra money for nearly no work whatsoever! Don’t leave money on table!

If I already have you enticed to use Ibotta, feel free to use my referral code to get a starting bonus: Mister Mini Golf’s Referral Code or you can just use the code itself: fuygpgx

If you need even more convincing read the rest of the post.

One of the really nice things is that you will almost always have an Ibotta rebate for $0.25. Sure, that’s not a crazy amount of money but it adds up if you use it every time you shop. Just note that any item Ibotta offers do not count towards bonuses but it still helps with your overall totals.

Ibotta has many retailers so there is a good chance at least one of your local retailers is on the list. Once you get a little more familiar with the app, you can create a favorites list like I have here.

Some retailers to keep in mind is and Groupon. By going through Ibotta, you can get between 1-5% back!

Sometimes Ibotta will even show other offers such as the free trial to Amazon Prime.

On top of the rebate offers, there are also additional offers in the form of bonuses. Some are tied to a particular item or brand while others work with your friend network. It’s great earning even more money by actively doing it.

To redeem you just need to scan your receipt and sometimes the items themselves. Some locations make it really easy by having a QR code on the receipt that knows the items so it’s a one and done type of thing. Some retailers will even tie it to your rewards card meaning you get rebates to redeem automatically just make sure to have the items selected in the list!

Now for the real good stuff, how much I’ve earned: $126.69! That’s several rounds of Mini Golf! What a great earning tool.

Although I created an account in June of 2016, I didn’t really start actively use it until September of 2017. Thinking back, I left probably $50 on the table. It was foolish not to always use it!

If you want to get started and earn some money, use my referral code for a starting bonus: Mister Mini Golf’s Ibotta Referral or you can just use the code itself: fuygpgx

Feel free to ask me questions or tell me how it’s working out for you 😁

You can find these articles at the following location in the future: Money Making Segments

Stay tuned for April’s Segment for Money Making Tips for More Mini Golf

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