America’s Action Territory Course 2: Hole 10

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Course 2: Hole 10

Unfortunately, this hole’s tee area was soaked from the well on the previous hole because it dripped water right above. That is a design flaw that severely impacts the game and should be adjusted by owners to improve the experience. Any way this is an uphill shot that only the straightest of straight shots can ace through the spokes. Although you can go around, it is most fun and impressive to nail it through the spokes. Don’t feel too bad if you don’t make it, even the best players would have trouble with this shot.

If you decide to go around, bank from right to left because there is a patch of rough on the left side. Do note that the accessibility entrance is on the left side and the ball could bounce out with a over powered shot. Also be careful not to roll back towards the incline or your ball will roll back and count as an out-of-bounds shot.

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