Week 1: League Results – Tee-Aire Open

What a great first week the league had at Tee-Aire in Brookfield.

The season was kicked off by me working with Milwaukee local news station, CBS 58 to get the story on the air.

Check out the segment here.

The group came to be a collection of 30 individuals vying for prizes, fun, and low scores.

With the weather being unfavorable, players played sporadically throughout the week when weather and time permitted.

An amazing 21 Hole-in-ones were shot during the first week which meant…lotto tickets!

For the weekly results, there was a tie for first between Rob Bundick and Andrew Koppenaal at 39 (-7)

Also there was a tie for third between Brandon Seitz and Harry Castaldo at 42 (-4)

A tie-breaker was conducted to determine the winner for prizes and was done by having some players randomly draw 5 hole numbers to see who won 2 individual holes at Tee-Aire first amongst those tied above.

The selection was:

Hole 14

(Rob 2 vs Andrew 2) Draw

(Brandon 2 vs Harry 2) Draw

Hole 15

(Rob 1 vs Andrew 2) 1 point Rob

(Brandon 2 vs Harry 4) 1 point Brandon

Hole 18

(Rob 2 vs Andrew 2) Draw

(Brandon 2 vs Harry 2) Draw

Hole 11

(Rob 4 vs Andrew 3) 1 point Andrew

(Brandon 1 vs Harry 3) Brandon takes 3rd and Harry takes 4th

Hole 12

(Rob 3 vs Andrew 4) Rob takes 1st and Andrew takes 2nd

Congratulations to the winners and these are what they won!

1st – Rob Bundick – 3 free games at Tee-Aire

2nd – Andy Koppenaal – 2 free games at Tee-Aire

3rd – Brandon Seitz – 1 free game at Tee-Aire

All the scores can be found on the league leaderboard found here.

Also the random prize selection goes to Maddy Salo! Congrats on winning your prize! You have won a cool money ball by Slazenger!

Use it on the course and show everyone that you follow the old golfing adage “Drive for show and putt for dough”. Every putt is money when using a money ball!

Stay tuned for the results from week 2 at Swing Time Germantown.

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