Goony Golf Course 1: Hole 1 presented by

Spring Lake Park, Minnesota (Course closed) 😢

Goony Golf Course 1: Hole 1 – Par 2

It’s always sad when a course closes down. This 3 Course location closed down shortly after we played it. In fact, property inspectors were reviewing the property as we were playing. It is my honor to present these courses as an archival piece in the history of Mini Golf.

Goony Golf had the classic concrete and fiberglass obstacles that were themselves works of art. Immediately looking at the courses it would be like playing in the past. I could tell that it had seen tens of thousands of people over its 20+ life span.

The first hole was a grandfather clock with a swinging pendulum. The face of the clock had an elderly face (hence grandfather clock) and a mouse probably from the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock (the mouse ran up the clock) which is probably where this hole got its name from and pays homage to it as Hickory Dickory Clock. The pendulum was easy enough to get the timing down. The hole itself was dead center back so all that was needed was timing and a light/straight putt.

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