Goony Golf Course 2: Hole 12 presented by

Spring Lake Park, Minnesota (Course closed) 😢

Goony Golf Course 2: Hole 12 – Par 3

This hole was called Leapin’ Lena and was a giant pink and purple kangaroo. It was certainly a tough hole due to many reasons. Getting up the ramp took some extra finesse as a too hard of a shot would bounce off the belly of this great marsupial. While too soft would roll back. It was also possible to get stuck in the spot in between which is unfortunately what happened to me. Once you had made it through, it did come out with some pretty good speed but the angle was not at the hole (no hole-in-ones possible on this one) but instead at a patch of rough. If it wasn’t hard enough, the hole rested on a rather steep bump which was extra challenging!

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