Goony Golf Course 2: Hole 13 presented by

Spring Lake Park, Minnesota (Course closed) 😢

Goony Golf Course 2: Hole 13 – Par 2

Jump shots are always a fun type of hole because it requires more than a steady shot, it requires some luck. This hole needed some water in the pit to live up to its name of Splash. There are really three ways of achieving a hole-in-one on this hole:

  • Hit hard and rebound into the cup
  • Hit soft and barely dribble in the cup
  • Slam dunk, a direct shot that flies right into the cup

Some things to consider:

  • Flying off left or right because the ball could bounce over the barrier and out-of-bounds
  • Too hard of a rebound that the ball ends up in the jump pit
  • If there was water in the pit, it would be a penalty

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