Can Can Wonderland Hole 15 Presented by

St. Paul, Minnesota

Can Can Wonderland: Hole 15 (Gramma’s Living Room)

Probably one of the strangest holes played to date. The colorful carpet, furniture, and knickknacks. The hole itself was under the center cushion of the sofa. A hole-in-one could be possible but it would be very lucky.

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3 thoughts on “Can Can Wonderland Hole 15 Presented by

  1. As the designer of “Gramma’s Living Room” I can assure you that a hole in one is absolutely possible. There is a visible cue that’s a little obscured but still can be seen as you line up your first shot. If hit dead center the ball goes right into the hole every time. If you can’t see it there’s a hint to where to look for it on the sign at the hole entrance. Have fun and thanks for the review!

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