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Hello everyone,

Today I am honored to share with you my first requested product review. While most reviewers tend to favor only the positives, I intend to give wholesome feedback on it all… the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here we go!

The Tune Driver is a Bluetooth Speaker built into the head of a fake, but rather real looking driver head. Understand that this is a novelty to have. I can’t compare this to the top of the line systems like Bose, but I can say that it holds its own in regards to sound quality. The club speaker comes unassembled in a small box through the mail. It is packed neatly and snug so as to not damage the equipment, which is a big plus in my book. 

All of the pieces that were included were:

 Foam inserts
 Large club shaft piece
 Medium club shaft piece
 Small club shaft piece
 Club head speaker
 Charging cord
 One page startup guide

It did not include assembly instructions but it was pretty straight forward as the large threading went together and gradually decreased in size from grip to head with a thin threading from the narrow portion of the club shaft to the club head speaker. The approximate length of the club is (__) inches.

Powering on was simple enough, I plugged the USB charging cord to a USB plug and let it charge for about an hour. This was indicated by a red indicator light.

Then I removed the plug and turned it on by holding the power button. A green light came on as well as a blue flashing light. This indicated it was looking to sync with my phone. I went into my iPhone 6’s Bluetooth settings and was promptly shown “TuneDriver” as a device that was available. I selected it and the device chirped indicating a connection. I looked at the instructions and saw what all the buttons were:

 Volume – (decrease volume) / Go back one track
 Volume + (increase volume) / Go forward one track
 Bluetooth Sync

From there I begin to play some music, I personally use Google’s Play Music as my music library of choice and the quality came out crisp and clean. I turned the speaker up all the way and the same with my phone. It gets very loud but not distorted and therefore it ranks high on sound quality for me. 

The club has a good weight and feels like the real thing. It would not withstand hitting a ball for too long so I don’t recommend that.

It does fit into my bag and is unobtrusive as another speaker could be. 

When showing it to the workers at Swing Time Germantown, one worker didn’t know it was a speaker until we told him and he took a closer look at the club head. That’s impressive when it comes down to the fact that this is a speaker to be camouflaged as a club.

I have a colleague who lost his portable speaker on a golf course because it fell out of the cart when going over a bump. If he had, had a Tune Driver, that would unlikely have happened. 

At the time of publishing, you can get your own Tune Driver for approximately $120. While a little on the higher end, it is a great sounding speaker and is great for the golfer. At the same time, you can disassemble the club and still use it as a speaker that can easily fit in a backpack or travel bag. 

Overall I give the Tune Driver a solid grade of a B for the following reasons:

Sound quality: A-

Uniqueness: A+

Practicality: C

Ease of use: B

Assembly: B

Material quality: A

Bluetooth Range: C-

Price: C

You can make an order at the Tune Driver’s website here!

Always feel free to provide feedback and comment.

Thanks for reading!

– Mister Mini Golf


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