Crave Golf Club – Outdoor Course: Hole 12 Presented by

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Crave – Outdoor Course: Hole 12 (Par 3)

Before I get to talking about this hole, I need to point out the awesome candy train. The train is such a clever art piece involving many types of candy!

Now onto the hole…A similar concept alike to hole four, you hit up a ramp into some skill shot options. The hole in the middle of the ramp is the best option as it has a pretty good chance at a hole-in-one followed by the hole slightly right. The only thing is that one can have the ball end up behind the bump near the hole and that can be somewhat challenging.

If you don’t make either of them, the collection channel will take the ball down below that is furthest from the hole but may or may not be bad positioning depending on where it fell in the track as the further left it is, the more speed it has.

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