Hillbilly Golf: Course 2 – Hole 1 Presented by MiniGolfReviews.com

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Course 2 – Hole 1

Missus Mini Golf and I had made it back to Hillbilly Golf on our honeymoon to play the 2nd course that we didn’t have the chance to play back in 2017.

Hillbilly Golf is one of our favorite places to play Mini Golf in Gatlinburg. It has unique character and a charming history. Unfortunately, it was one of several locations that was damaged in a terrible fire in 2016. Although damaged, they were able to recover and still bring the two special courses back to life.

You may notice some similarities between the first course and second course but let me say they play completely different.

While there, we talked with the two employees Kim and Verna about the history and about my website. They were extremely nice and knowledgeable of the area. Some day I hope to get the opportunity to meet the owner Jim Howard and learn about the elements of the business and what makes it such a success.

The first hole was sloped down a bit with a large rock in the path that had a hole underneath for the ball to get through. The ball would either need to go through on a angle by taking the curve or a rebound off of the back. A thing to note is that all the edging has minimal rebounds and absorbs much of the energy of the ball. We always like the flagsticks because it produces a great sound filled with satisfaction that the ball is in the hole and it makes it easy to take the ball out.

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