Molten Mountain: Outdoor Course (Pele’s Revenge) – Hole 1 Presented by

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Outdoor Course (Pele’s Revenge): Hole 1

The next course that I’ll be sharing at Mini Golf Reviews takes us to the Mini Golf Capital in the world with over 60 courses within 50 square miles. Our journey took us to Molten Mountain, a two course location with an outdoor course and the area’s only indoor course. It was themed on a tropical island with a volcano. The outdoor course tours the players around the island while the indoor course is in the volcano! The course guide and mascot is a native villager named Lava Louie.

The outdoor course was called Pele’s Revenge and has a sign with a description of Pele (the Hawaiian goddess of fire). The theme is well done at this course and feels cohesive throughout. The signage is also quite nice too.

The first hole to start off the course is a slightly tiered hole that has a fairly large opening to get to the lower level. You can go right for it or use the block to bank right in. It actually had a pretty good lie with the hole on the bottom green so a hole-in-one is certainly possible!

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Molten Mountain

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