The Red Putter – Hole 1 Presented by

Ephraim, Wisconsin

The Red Putter: Hole 1

The Red Putter is a classic and world renowned course located way up the peninsula in Door County of Wisconsin in a small town known as Ephraim. Every August they host an annual tournament where pros from all over, come together for an action packed series of rounds to see who will claim the red jacket and a purse of $2000!

This is the first year that Mister Mini Golf will be playing in the tournament. He qualified with a respectable score of 40 which is two under par. The tournament will take place on August 3rd.

Here is the event link: The Red Putter Pro Tournament

With all of that said, now onto the first hole.

The first hole is a wishing well with three openings. One center and one on the left and one on the right. It’s a pretty tough hole to ace because the ball can bounce around a bit in the well and even if you get it straight through, too much power leaves you with a bounce back that is a pretty tough 2nd putt. This hole can leave you with a sour score if you don’t take it seriously and if you are behind on this course, it’s tough to come back from it. A smooth and light stroke is your best chance of getting it straight through the well and into the hole.

Check out the prior hole here: Mutiny Bay (Course 1) – Hole 18

The Red Putter’s Page is located here:

The Red Putter

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