The Red Putter – Hole 5 Presented by

Ephraim, Wisconsin

The Red Putter: Hole 5

This hole is a two tiered hole that takes your ball from the top down to the green below. The key here is to make it down on the first shot so ball control is crucial. The hole between the two bumps pretty much always carries the ball to the green below but it can a challenge to get it to stay. Most will hit it too hard which is okay because there is a second chance of getting the hole in the back but it won’t funnel the ball like the hole between the bumps. Using the wall to bank a little can help slow it down some. Both holes bring the ball out of the same pipe. It’s not aligned with the hole so a little luck is needed to knock the ball at the hole for an ace. When you do get to the green below do note that it is a bit tricky. It has a slight slope that can make the ball miss the cup a few times and hurt your score.

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The Red Putter

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