River View Miniature Golf- Hole 2 Presented by MiniGolfReviews.com

St. Charles, Illinois

River View Miniature Golf: Hole 2

This hole always kills the round and early on too! It’s deceptively hard to Par and even harder to ace. The key is to go along the right side and just barely go over the hump to change the ball direction towards the hole. To get the right touch is risky because a putt too light will come back down the other side. The left side can work but the brick angles are not favorable for a majority of the shot so the right side works best because even an overpowered shot over the hump can still do a good play off of the bricks. Also be careful of the disability access spot as it can easily draw your ball out-of-bounds. Make sure to declare if this counts or not with your group prior to playing.

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River View Miniature Golf

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