Treasure Quest Miniature Golf: Hole 9 Presented by

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf: Hole 9

Hey folks, I’m back! Had an absolute blast on the Chris Jericho’s Rock N Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux cruise! On the cruise where I debuted the Mini Golf Reviews Championship title! Yes, that is Gabriel Iglesias or Fluffy as we all know him by.

Got to catch up on some Mini Golf posts so expect to see a bit more than usual during this next week.

This hole is where I left off from Treasure Quest Miniature Golf in Gatlinburg Tennessee. It’s a bank shot off of a log to ace the hole. Not too much power on the shot is needed since the hole is about a foot from the log so you don’t have to bounce hard. Start at the left side of the tee to get the best angle on the shot.

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On the Treasure Quest Miniature Golf’s Page is located here:

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf

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Happy Mini Golfing ⛳️

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