Water Street Classic Putt Putt Bar Crawl

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Overview of the Water Street Classic Putt Putt Bar Crawl

Sunday, February 23rd was an afternoon of fun and excitement in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. A group of 10 bars created an experience that many will never forget, a bar crawl with Mini Golf being the focus.

Teams could have up to 4 players to work together to get the lowest score. Best score of the team was recorded as the team’s score. The top 10 teams won cash prizes, along with other goodies and specials throughout the crawl.

A team cost $40. If you could grab 3 other people, made it $10 a person.

The Bars

The bars involved in the Water Street Classic Putt Putt Bar Crawl were:

Rogues Gallery

Elwoods Liquor & Tap






Bar None

Red Rock


The Event

Each bar was responsible for designing and building a hole for the crawl. With most owners not being professional designers, they did an exceptional job at creating a fun and unique experience.

Check out some of the event pictures below:

Putt for Dough! $$$

The top 10 teams won a cash prize with the following payouts:

1st – $710

2nd – $435

3rd – $320

4th – $225

5th – $170

6th – $125

7th – $100

8th – $80

9th – $60

10th – $55

Total cash: $2280

On top of that, other prizes won:

White Claw Roller Suitcase
Coors Light Mountain Fridge
2 Suite tickets at the Fiserv Forum for Game 15 for Marquette University

Additionally, the best dressed team won a barrel party at Rogues Gallery!

Milwaukee has hit the Jack-Putt!

Jack-Putt was hired to design, build, and operate a hole to be located at Dukes and Scooters. It was requested to design around the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team.

Jack-Putt is the world’s first and only customizable and mobile mini golf hole-in-one skills challenge where players putt for dough. A percentage of the proceeds at every event goes to support local non-profits.

Reach out by contacting Mister Mini Golf at


I was very pleased with the design, the construction, and the flexibility of the play style. Players would play for their overall score for the crawl but could also buy in to play for a cash “Jack-Putt” starting at $50, and gradually making its way up to $500!

One young man, Peter Maric, sunk a dunk to take home a cool $67 at Jack-Putt!

Twenty-five percent of Jack-Putt’s proceeds at the event went to support Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)


The collection of bars had an excellent showing of 48 teams, so they look forward to doing the Water Street Classic Putt Putt Bar Crawl about once a quarter.

Stay tuned for the next one and sign up your team to take home the gold and the cash!

Happy Putting!

-Mister Mini Golf

Owner of MiniGolfReviews.com

President of Jack-Putt, LLC

Photo Credits: Rogues Gallery, Nate Showers, Jack-Putt, LLC, Mister Mini Golf, and MiniGolfReviews.com

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