Sherman Oaks Castle Park: Course 2 – Hole 1 Presented by

Sherman Oaks, California

Sherman Oaks Castle Park: Course 2 – Hole 1

When I got to visit Los Angeles (LA) for the first time, you know I would check out the local Mini Golf scene. My travels took me to Sherman Oaks Castle Park which had three courses. While there, I got to play 2 because of time constraints and it was an incredibly nice day out so it was quite packed. With that said it was a course with a lot of character.

They use a felt surface opposed to a turf. This allows for a colorful option but unless meticulously maintained, it can fall into terrible shape which is the unfortunate case here. You have to watch out for grooves, pitting, and tears. This is frustrating for all players since a straight putt can veer off several feet as a result. Holes that should be a relatively easy 2 or 3 becomes 4s, 5s, and 6s. If a course owner goes the route of felt greens, it is my recommendation for them to be changed seasonally. If it’s a high traffic course then also a change halfway through the season.

Although I only played courses two and three, I did check out course 1. Course 2 had the best greens overall with what appeared to be the most recent green repairs.

Hole one was a “straight” shot up the middle. Since these greens were relatively newer they also played the truest. Hit a firm shot as you have an opportunity for a back door ace even if you overshoot it. The course plays a bit longer than you would expect.

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Sherman Oaks Castle Park

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