Johnson’s Park: Hole 10 Presented by

Sisters Bay, Wisconsin

Johnson’s Park Hole 10

Hole 10 is probably my favorite design on this course because it is complicated with a lot of ways to play it effectively. It’s a tiered hole but not necessarily a required play to get to the cup.

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

Depending on your style of play and rules that you follow, there are 3 options of play really for a hole-in-one chance.

  • Hit hard and wrap around to the first tier. It can sit in that section but most times hitting it into the pipe results in going into the cup so a pretty safe 2
  • Try to ricochet to go down to where the cup is. The angles don’t really support this shot very well but it is doable.
  • Bank shot to use the stairs as it is the shortest and most direct path to the hole. The main negative is it can bounce around and go out-of-bounds if not careful!

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